Q-SYS systems are ideal for cruise ships, routing audio, video and control over existing IP infrastructure to eliminate the weight and space disadvantages of separate audio wiring. This IT-friendly approach also provides Layer 3 discovery, making it easy to manage audio sources, audio players, and playback levels across any number of zones from a central console. In addition, this cost-efficient architecture enables flexible administrative control for paging priority and security.

Q-SYS Cruise Features

Confidence & Predictability

Rest easy! Your spaces can automatically return to a default state, from lighting presets, camera, HVAC settings and audio levels.

Cinema Quality Audio

Create a cinema-like, multi-channel audio experience using the same equipment that’s used in movie theatres around the globe.

Paging & Background Music Distribution

Whether it's a common area, backstage or the entire ship, Q-SYS lets you send live or pre-recorded messages where they need to be heard. Additionally, you can distribute music to specific areas in the venue while providing playlist and track controls to your Q-SYS user control interface.


Event organizers shouldn’t need to worry about the technology. That’s why Q-SYS and its built-in control engine allows end-users to trigger single-button audio/video/environmental presets based on event type. Best of all, they can control this from a Q-SYS touchscreen, or from their own mobile device!

Royal Caribbean International

A marine environment is notoriously difficult on equipment, and that’s without the additional factors being aboard a ship introduces. Learn about the resilience of Q-SYS products coupled with the convenience of the Q-SYS Platform, both factors that have made Royal Caribbean International a long-time brand partner across its fleet.

Take advantage of a loudspeaker designed for spaces requiring high SPL and full bandwidth performance. Even at high output levels,
these loudspeakers maintain their remarkable sonic signature. Discover the AcousticPerformance series.

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