Q-SYS NV-32-H Core Mode Streaming Feature License

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The Q-SYS NV-32-H Core Mode Video Streaming license expands the NV Series NV-32-H (Core Capable) to offer simultaneous functionality for Core processing and network video encoding/decoding, streamlining installations while lowering product and installation costs.


Installations Simplified: The Q-SYS Core Mode Streaming license streamlines system deployments by combining two pieces of hardware, the Q-SYS NV-32-H network video endpoint and the Q-SYS Core Processor. This simplified solution reduces the required physical footprint and network connections providing significant cost savings all without sacrificing functionality.

Software-based Expansion: Like the rest of the Q-SYS License portfolio, the Q-SYS NV-32-H Core Mode Video Streaming license allows you to tailor your Q-SYS system’s feature set based on the unique needs of each space. Whether you’re choosing the right features before installation or adding capabilities as business needs change, these licenses expand functionality at the software level. This removes the need for additional hardware while saving on configuration, installation, and infrastructure costs.

Simple Deployment: Activation for the Q-SYS NV-32-H Core Mode Video Streaming license (Part #: SLQCMS-NV32-P) is easy.  Licenses can be deployed remotely using Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager, a cloud-based monitoring and management platform for Q-SYS. (Additional offline/local installation methods are also available.)