Q-SYS Core 610 Scaling License

Q-SYS Scaling licenses

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Q-SYS Scaling Licenses give you the unique ability to easily add features and functionality at the software level, scaling your system when you need it. The Q-SYS Core 610 Scaling License leverages the unique software-based nature of the Q-SYS Platform to extend a set of features so you can tailor your Core 610 to specific applications, use cases, and a broader range of projects.


  • Software-based Benefits – Whether choosing the right features before installation or scaling capabilities as business needs change, Q-SYS Scaling licenses following a similar paradigm set with licenses for Q-SYS UCI Deployment and Scripting Engine by enabling users to add the right features when they need them at any time, with a simple license activation (rather than adding additional processing hardware).
  • Unlock Potential – Q-SYS Cores are built on modern technology platforms that offer vast amounts of processing capacity to evolve over time. With this in mind, Q-SYS actively reserved some capacity in the Core 610 at launch in order to provide end users the choice of unlocking this additional headroom to take advantage of a future generation of Q-SYS Products and emerging applications.
  • The Q-SYS Core 610 Scaling License expands the all-purpose DSP processing power up to 24x and increases networked audio channel capacity to 384x384 (Q-LAN/AES67). It also increases the number of AEC processors (up to 96) and the Media Streaming channel capacity (up to 96x96).
Chart showing the base features of the Q-SYS Core 610, and the improved features of the Scaling License