Does Q-SYS vCore enable virtualized audio, video and control functionality of the Q-SYS OS?

  • Q-SYS vCore virtualized processor provides scalable Q-SYS functionalities in a fully software-based format directly from your own PC/server compute device (via hypervisor), allowing you to drive a subset of the Q-SYS OS based on your choice of available Q-SYS vCore feature licenses. At this time, vCore does not have feature licenses to support the following functions: Q-SYS audio/video products, QDS audio/video components, Q-LAN TX/RX, WAN TX/RX, Media TX/RX, Software-based Dante.

How do I install Q-SYS vCore?

  • Q-SYS vCore setup instructions for supported hypervisors can be found in Q-SYS Help.

Can Q-SYS vCore run on any hypervisor?

  • For a list of supported hypervisors, visit Q-SYS Help.

Where can I download Q-SYS vCore + Control feature license?

  • The vCore image can be downloaded on the Q-SYS website. A Q-SYS vCore product license is required when deploying a Q-SYS design to any supported virtual environment (Hypervisor) running a vCore image. Please reach out to your Q-SYS sales contact for further details.

Will the Q-SYS Control feature license for vCore include the Scripting Engine and UCI Deployment license?

  • Yes, the Q-SYS Control license for vCore includes both the Scripting Engine and UCI Deployment feature licenses.

What type of Q-SYS Control feature license for vCore are available?

  • The Q-SYS Control feature license for vCore includes the product key, the scripting engine and UCI deployment feature license along with a choice of a 3 or 5 year maintenance plan.

What happens if the maintenance plan for a Q-SYS vCore expires?

  • The Q-SYS vCore will continue working but no further firmware updates or porting to another virtual machine are possible.

Is there a different tool set for Q-SYS vCore?

  • Q-SYS vCore is basically a Q-SYS processor in a virtual environment. Q-SYS Designer Software is used for creating and deploying your design, while Q-SYS Core Manager can be used for license activation and other settings as it would for any other Q-SYS Core.

How will Q-SYS Designer Software reflect Q-SYS vCore + Control feature license?

  • If vCore Control is chosen as the Core processor in the design, Q-SYS Designer Software will hide all of the nonfunctional components (audio and video components) and notify the user that there are nonfunctional components in the design if already added (greyed out).

Which Q-SYS Designer Software version is needed to run Q-SYS vCore + Control feature licnese?

  • Q-SYS vCore + Control feature license is supported in Q-SYS Designer Software v9.6 or higher.

Which Q-SYS products can I connect to Q-SYS vCore + Control feature license?

Q-SYS Product Support  
Q-SYS TSC Series Gen 2 TSC-55W-G2-BK
Q-SYS TSC Series Gen 3 TSC-50-G3
Q-SYS QIO Series Network I/O QIO-GP8x8
Other Axon C1, Monitoring Proxy, UCI Viewer, TSC-7W, TSC-7T

For a list of supported schematic elements and unsupported features, please go to the Q-SYS Designer Help File