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Q-SYS is a cloud-manageable audio, video, and control platform that enables a broad range of smart AV applications across your corporate campus. From intuitive hybrid meeting support in high-impact spaces to applications that stretch beyond simple collaboration, Q-SYS delivers a holistic AV experience that connects both in-office and remote staff.

Software-based Architecture

Q-SYS leverages the power of Intel to deliver features and functionality at the software level, removing the need for cumbersome, single-purpose hardware found in traditional AV systems.

Easily Control Your Space

Provide users with a single touchscreen for environmental and call controls, including third-party device control which is enabled by a wide range of Q-SYS Partners.

Scale Without Hassle

Q-SYS is based around a singular software-based foundation that leverages the power of the network to make deploying the same room type across a building or corporate campus simpler and more cost-effective.

Secure Networked Solutions

Q-SYS is structured with a security-forward mindset, with a three-part approach to assist, protect, and deliver. Learn how Q-SYS operates on your network.


Cloud-Based Monitoring and Management

Check system health, support the user control interface from anywhere,
and provide remote help desk support with Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager.

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Features may vary based on OS and application.

Featured News

QSC brings Q-SYS Control to Google Meet Hardware Ecosystem

Q-SYS is the first integrated audio, video & control solution certified for Google Meet.

QSC Expands Microsoft Teams Rooms certified solution portfolio

Design to the needs of each unique space while maintaining Microsoft Teams Room Certification.

GoGuardian Case Study

Learn how Q-SYS integrates with Google Meet and enables seamless meeting and presentation support at GoGuardian.

Solutions for Every Collaboration Scenario

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Seamless Hybrid Meetings

Q-SYS integrates with any modern UC platform via single, driverless USB to scale the familiar user experience into high-impact spaces.

Automatic Multi-Camera Switching

Q-SYS uses the power of the network to let you add as many Q-SYS network conference cameras to a space and enables live switching between the cameras while delivering a singular camera feed to the UC platform.

Video Streaming & Collaboration

Transport HDMI video and audio from connected PCs and distribute to displays and projectors around the room or in overflow spaces without additional HDMI extenders, control processors, bridges or complicated programming.

Flexible Processing Architecture

Centralize your AV processing for multiple spaces or deploy standalone systems in mission-critical spaces.

Optimize for Your Environment

Choose from Q-SYS comprehensive portfolio of native products and third-party device integration capabilities to deliver the optimal audio, video, and control experience for your high-impact spaces.

Beyond the Collaboration Space

Whether you need background music in the lobby, live event support in your auditorium, or paging distribution across a campus, Q-SYS has the flexibility to deliver the AV experience that you need.

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