QSC Wins Best Online Training Award from Systems Contract News

2016 SCN Stellar Service Awards Recognize QSC for Gold Level Training Program That Is ‘Best Use of an Afternoon’ by QSC

COSTA MESA, CA., April 1, 2016 – QSC, LLC, is honored to accept a 2016 SCN Stellar Service Award for Best Online Training Program. Readers of Systems Contract News voted for their favorite online training programs. QSC has worked to change the online training game entirely with their unique brand of short, impactful, and entertaining courses that leave users wanting more.

Q-SYSTraining.com translates challenging concepts into highly visual videos, like this explanation of acoustic echo cancellation.

Q-SYS™ Level 1 Training balance real-world scenarios with powerful visuals, and its well-known humor. All videos are designed to keep the viewer’s attention because they last no more than 5 minutes. QSC professionals provide clear instructions and walk users through actual use cases. Product courses are broken into modular, bite-size searchable segments so users can choose to complete courses in stages or in one sitting.

Patrick Heyn, Director of Marketing, Systems at QSC, serves as one of the on-camera trainers in many of the educational videos. He explained that QSC’s fresh approach to training was a direct response to dry online training courses that lose sight of the goal, which ultimately needs to balance form and function. “The delivery method of training needs to be as effective as the content itself. A spoonful of sugar makes the training go down,” he said.


QSC’s new "Conference Rooms" curriculum includes a look at USB Audio integration, Flex Channels and more.

QSC has also just launched a brand new curriculum in support of the recently released QSC Conferencing Solution, including the Q-SYS Core 110f DSP appliance. These trainings address challenges in building Corporate AV systems. The curriculum includes several modules that focus on proper acoustic echo cancellation, VoIP and POTS integration, USB audio usage for web conferencing applications, and the fundamentals of using automatic mic mixers in conference room scenarios.

QSC prides itself in making its content accessible to any interested users. All online trainings are free and open to everyone through the QSC Training website and on YouTube. Q-SYS Level 1 Training is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese (with German slated to launch later this year). All courses are taught in their respective native languages. To better funnel users to the right topic, the site will soon feature a fully indexed video transcript search function that will comb the transcripts of hundreds of videos on the site and bring them to the precise moment a particular word is used in the video.

Flex Channels

One of many new videos specifically targeted at the Conferencing Market.

There are courses available for most QSC products. Experienced educators explain the hardware, components, and uses while also offering helpful tips. If users don’t have time for an entire course and are just looking for a quick answer on a specific topic, QSC offers QuickStart video modules that address highly specific topics like public address, third party integration, and Core-to-Core streaming and control. To complete a user’s learning experience, training courses culminate in students submitting mock system designs that are then reviewed by QSC trainers and systems engineers.

For those who want a more hands-on learning experience, QSC also offers regional in-person classes, conducted by QSC certified trainers. These classes feature the same curriculum as the online training but with additional hands-on learning. For example, Q-SYS Level 1 classrooms allow students to work on full Q-SYS workstations.

Check out the latest Q-SYS trainings for yourself online, or register for Q-SYS regional classroom trainings at qsctraining.com/qsys.