QSC Q-SYS Receives DNV Type Approval Certification

DNV Type certification simplifies cruise ship PA/GA certification for marine shipyards & integrators

Costa Mesa, Calif. (May 6, 2022) – [DeEs, Fr] – QSC is pleased to announce DNV Type certification for marine PA/GA applications for the Q-SYS cloud-manageable audio, video and control Platform. The DNV Type Approval Programme 848.22 – Public Address / General Alarm System (Feb 2017) certification - comprises of the Q-SYS Enterprise Core 3100, PS-1600 Series network paging stations and CX-Q Series amplifiers.  

With the approved Q-SYS Designer Software v9.4.1, integrators have tremendous flexibility to design the most complex systems for PA/GA applications on super-vessels, and all the modern communication and entertainment amenities people expect on cruise ships. Q-SYS Designer Software enables luxury suite/cabin entertainment, cinema and immersive audio applications, conference areas, background music, video distribution, and cloud-based monitoring & management of the entire system.  

“The Type Approval certification addresses some of the biggest pain points for shipyards and integrators,” says Sanjay Kulkarni, Senior Director of Strategy for Entertainment and Commercial AV Applications, QSC. “Now customers can utilize Q-SYS and its IP-based Platform to easily scale their integration as they see fit while vastly speeding up the design and commissioning process and thereby saving costs.” 

Refer to QSC Type Approval Installation Manual for details.  

Equipment type Model  Description  Installation Environment Type 
QSC Q-SYS Network  Paging Stations  PS-1600G  Page station with command keypad and gooseneck microphone  Protected 
PS-1600H  Page station with command keypad and handheld microphone  Protected 
Q-SYS Core  Core 3100  Q-SYS Core 3100 Enterprise Core  Protected 
Core 1100  Q-SYS Core 1100 Enterprise Core  Protected 
Amplifier  CX-Q8K8  Eight-channel Network Amplifier, max power up to 8000W  Protected 
CX-Q8K4  Four-channel Network Amplifier, max power up to 8000W  Protected 
CX-Q4K8  Eight-channel Network Amplifier, max power up to 4000W  Protected 
CX-Q4K4  Four-channel Network Amplifier, max power up to 4000W  Protected 
CX-Q2K4  Four-channel Network Amplifier, max power up to 2000W  Protected 
Software  Q-SYS Designer Software  Must be Q-SYS Designer v9.4.1 (www.qsc.com)   


Q-SYS Core 3100 processor 
The Q-SYS Core 3100 represents the second generation of Q-SYS Enterprise Core processors and leverages the faster development cycle of Intel processing with more than double the processing power of the model it supersedes, at virtually no extra cost. The Core 3100 provides up to 512 x 512 low latency network audio channels and 144 x AEC processing channels, using a pair of XEON 8-core respectively coupled to server-grade cooling towers. Additional features include super-sized, low-speed fans for maximum front-to-rear airflow with minimal fan noise, and a premium field-serviceable power supply. Type Approved system includes the Core 3100 processor with “SOLAS MOD Q-SYS G2 Cores” package installed. 

Q-SYS page stations 
Q-SYS page stations offer a suite of tools that provide sophisticated paging and messaging functionality to support any size paging application including cruise ships, marine, convention centers, transportation terminals, theme parks and more. PS-1600 is offered with either gooseneck or handheld microphone, PoE enabled and support dual networks for redundancy.  

CX-Q Series network amplifiers 
Q-SYS CX-Q Series network amplifiers combine a legacy of robust power amplifiers, advancements in high-efficiency output devices, and native network transport, control and monitoring capabilities. The CX-Q Series features four-and eight-channel models, capable of delivering customized power output loading and a total maximum power of up to 8000 W. Low impedance, 70 V or 100 V direct drive are available on all channels. 

About QSC 
Founded over five decades ago, QSC is a globally-recognized leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of award-winning, high-performance loudspeakers, digital mixers, power amplifiers, audio processors, digital cinema solutions, and the Q-SYS™ cloud-manageable audio, video and control Platform. Offering reliable, scalable and flexible solutions for entertainment, collaboration and commercial AV applications, our worldwide network of sales, service and support teams empowers people everywhere to create impactful connections and memorable experiences. 

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