QSC Celebrates 10 Years of the Q-SYS Ecosystem

Audio, video and control transformed into a full software-based ecosystem, redefining AV system design, deployment and management

Costa Mesa, Calif. (June 12, 2019) – [De, Es, Fr] – QSC is proud to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Q-SYS Ecosystem. Introduced at InfoComm in 2009, today’s milestone represents a decade of continuous development and innovation of the industry’s only software-based audio, video and control ecosystem built from day one with standard IT technology.

“We had a vision to create a software-based system that incorporated not only audio, but also made video and control more accessible, which is why we originally called the project ‘INTEVAC 3000’ for ‘integrated video, audio and control’”,  says John Britton, Chief Architect, Installed Systems and one of the original architects of Q-SYS. “We focused the first stages of Q-SYS development on large, complex and demanding projects like stadiums, cruise ships and airports, all of which could truly benefit from a networked audio solution. As the industry matured, and off-the-shelf IT technology continued to evolve, we’ve enhanced and expanded the Q-SYS Ecosystem to accommodate a broader range of installations, particularly smaller meeting rooms, and replaced dedicated video and control processors with a single integrated solution. It’s been exciting to see Q-SYS change how integrators design and deploy AV systems, and how end users communicate and collaborate as a result.”

Over the last 10 years, QSC has shipped tens of thousands of Q-SYS Core processors and end points, as well as introduced several industry-leading breakthroughs. These efforts have allowed integrators to direct their talents towards creating better AV experiences, and IT professionals to confidently embrace AV&C within their enterprise.

  • The migration of hardware-based features to the software layer such as VoIP, AEC, audio & video bridging and third-party control (that typically required additional hardware).
  • First and only manufacturer to deploy AV&C software onto Dell standard off-the-shelf servers.
  • QSC reimagined control with the introduction of software feature licensing, as well as GUI-based programming tools that lower the barriers of entry for control.
  • Added native networked-based video distribution and web conference connectivity, optimized for the meeting room.
  • Introduced the first software-based Dante implementation on Intel chipsets to enable native Dante networked audio integration.

At InfoComm 2019, QSC will demonstrate the next chapter of Q-SYS and the value of a standards-based AV Ecosystem with the first North American debut of Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager. This cloud-based platform provides remote management capabilities for all native Q-SYS devices as well as connected third-party devices. In an effort to help reduce AV support costs and increase AV system uptime, Enterprise Manager leverages Q-SYS technology to provide visibility and control of all connected AV devices across an enterprise in real time, securely, from anywhere across the globe. Furthermore, Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager offers API integration to external IT management platforms, software and systems, providing access to consolidated AV&C data to enable powerful, actionable AV insights across the IT enterprise.

“Over the last six years, the Q-SYS Ecosystem has not only established itself and transformed the industry, it has also impacted the trajectory of QSC as a company,” says TJ Adams, Senior Director Product Management, Installed Systems, QSC. “Q-SYS has allowed us to embrace our new IT customer and present a more holistic approach to customer lifetime value. This next phase of the Q-SYS Ecosystem, and its deeper integration with the IT enterprise, will provide access to powerful new types of AV data that has the potential to create new value and transform the economics of our industry.”   

QSC will celebrate “10 Years of Q-SYS” and demonstrate Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager at its booth (3811) at InfoComm 2019 in Orlando, Fl. To learn more about QSC at InfoComm, please visit: www.qsc.com/infocomm19.


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