Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager Goes Live

QSC delivers AV monitoring and management reducing AV support costs, increasing AV system uptime & yielding invaluable insights for your entire IT enterprise

Costa Mesa, Calif. (February 3, 2020) – [De] – QSC is thrilled to announce the immediate availability of Q-SYS™ Reflect Enterprise Manager, which provides realtime monitoring and management for the Q-SYS audio, video & control (AV&C) Ecosystem including any connected, third-party devices. As the first software service deployed on the new Q-SYS Reflect Cloud platform, Enterprise Manager brings mission-critical data oversight and managed services capabilities to AV systems.

This new cloud-based subscription service is ideal for AV/IT system administrators looking to avoid reactionary maintenance and reduce overall support costs associated with their AV systems by providing realtime device and system monitoring, advanced event log diagnostics plus intelligent alerts and notifications.

Users have the ability to fine tune and right-size Enterprise Manager’s capabilities by choosing to monitor as many physical sites, systems and peripherals as necessary from a single subscription. Furthermore, users choose from different feature tiers based on the level of monitoring and management desired for their enterprise.

Thanks to the truly unique Q-SYS architecture, connecting an entire Q-SYS system to Enterprise Manager can be completed in a matter of minutes and only requires a single Internet connection for secure communications with the Q-SYS Reflect Cloud. This is a stark contrast to other AV monitoring solutions that require Internet connectivity for every device being monitored.  

End users can immediately leverage the Enterprise Manager API to extract the realtime device status and event logs into the software application of their choice, enabling them to see all AV and IT assets from a single pane of glass.  Additionally, QSC has partnered with Splunk as part of their Technology Alliance Program, and will develop a Splunk Add-On to further simplify integration for users of both solutions.

After months of beta testing, Enterprise Manager has been deployed on dozens of AV systems all over the world, validating the substantial business benefits recognized with deploying a robust IT-centric management and monitoring solution.

“QSC has made a number of recent advancements to the platform, including the release of Q-SYS Control and native Q-SYS video distribution. We now offer a full Ecosystem that together maximizes the performance of every individual native component to deliver a better end solution,” says Martin Barbour, Product Manager, Q-SYS Platform and Cloud Software, QSC. “Enterprise Manager rounds out the Q-SYS Ecosystem with a tool that turns realtime data into actionable insights for the entire AV&C system.”

“Enterprise Manager is just the beginning for Q-SYS cloud-based solutions,” says Anna Csontos, EVP, Chief Market Officer and Chief of Staff. “The foundational work on the Q-SYS Reflect Cloud infrastructure was the result of years of deliberate planning and development. We now have a solid foundation that enables a bevy of future cloud-based solutions to further enhance the Q-SYS Ecosystem and enable cross-communication between other IT platforms.”

 “This release represents a huge milestone for QSC as we lead the charge towards fully utilizing AV data in the hopes of evolving our entire industry,” says Joe Pham, President & CEO, QSC. “This new level of AV data and connectivity will enable our integration community to begin to reinvent their businesses by realizing new revenue stream opportunities through managed services and ultimately developing lifetime relationships with their clients, rather than relying on one-time implementations. The potential for this revolution is thrilling and QSC is proud to be at the forefront.”

Q-SYS Enterprise Manager Technician Training
QSC now offers free online training for technicians and administrators connecting Q-SYS systems to Enterprise Manager. From the award-winning QSC Training team, this course offers concise, interactive, (and often) hilarious videos that walk through the initial set up process, how to prep your network for Enterprise Manager, and more. To begin training, please visit: www.qsc.com/em-training.

For more information on Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager, or to begin your free 30-day trial, please visit: www.qsc.com/enterprisemanager.

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