Q-SYS and Lenovo Collaborate to Deliver UC Compute Bundle Certified for Microsoft Teams

UC Compute Bundle simplifies the integration and scalability of certified Microsoft Teams solutions in high-impact spaces

COSTA MESA, Calif., (December 14, 2023) – [De, Es, Zh, Fr] – Q-SYS, a division of QSC LLC, is delighted to announce the Q-SYS UC Compute Bundle for Microsoft Teams Rooms, now Certified for Microsoft Teams. This bundle streamlines the design, procurement and deployment of solutions for high-impact spaces.   

Q-SYS is a software-based audio, video and control platform that delivers a holistic user experience in high-impact spaces. With features like room automation, automatic multi-camera switching, HDMI video distribution, and more, Q-SYS enables elevated collaboration experiences based on the needs of the space. 

In collaboration with Lenovo, Q-SYS delivers the UC Compute Bundle which features the Lenovo ThinkSmart Core and ThinkSmart Controller for Teams Rooms. Pairing the UC Compute Bundle with the most comprehensive portfolio of Certified for Teams Q-SYS devices allows systems integrators to purpose-build a complete Microsoft Teams Rooms solution to the needs of any space. Further, by installing the “Q-SYS Control for Microsoft Teams Rooms” application users can add room environmental controls alongside their Microsoft Teams controls on the same pane of glass.  

 "We're delighted to introduce the UC Compute Bundle in collaboration with Lenovo, who is known for their high-quality compute solutions," says Josh Arnold, Director, Collaboration Application Strategy, Q-SYS. "This solution simplifies the process of scaling Microsoft Teams Rooms into high-impact spaces." 

"The UC Compute Bundle leverages Lenovo's ThinkSmart Core and ThinkSmart Controller for Teams Rooms to deliver tailored Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions for any collaboration space," says Shannon MacKay, General Manager of Worldwide Smart Collaboration Business, Lenovo. "Now, customers will be able to enhance their workspace experiences and drive a new level of productivity and connectivity."  

For more information on the Q-SYS UC Compute Bundle, visit: qsys.com/uc-compute-bundle

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