Q-SYS provides superior control for large-scale event spaces by routing audio and video over existing IT infrastructures, providing savings while enabling simpler management via IT-friendly, Layer 3 discovery. Our elegant room-combining feature makes forming and re-forming variable meeting room spaces with moving air-walls incredibly simple. Finally, our comprehensive selection of ceiling and surface loudspeakers provide optimal performance in virtually any environment. 

Q-SYS Convention Center Features

Live Event Streaming

If you want to reach a bigger audience for your events, connect a PC via USB to Q-SYS and stream video and system audio feeds to any major web broadcasting platform.

Cinema Quality Audio

Create a cinema-like, multi-channel audio experience using the same equipment that’s used in movie theatres around the globe.

Paging & Background Music Distribution 

Whether it's the bar, dance floor or VIP rooms, you can distribute music to specific areas in the facility while providing playlist and track controls to your Q-SYS user control interface. Additionally, Q-SYS lets you send live or pre-recorded messages wherever they need to be heard.


Event organizers shouldn’t need to worry about the technology in the room. That’s why Q-SYS and its built-in control engine allows end-users to trigger single-button audio/video/environmental presets based on event type. Best of all, they can control this from a Q-SYS touchscreen, or from their own mobile device!

Successful Deployments

These are just a few of the venues that have elevated patron experience with the Q-SYS Platform.

QEII Centre 

Learn how Q-SYS simplifies the meeting and event experience at QEII Centre.

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McEnery Convention Center

Q-SYS delivers wide-area audio, paging and software-based control to McEnery Convention Center

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PSG Convention Center

Q-SYS delivers a unified experience across room types at PSG Convention Center.

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Take advantage of a loudspeaker designed for high ceilings and reverberant spaces.
With higher power handling and tighter coverage area, the AD-C6T-HC allows you to
bring all of the quality of the AcousticDesign™ Series into the most busy events.

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