Q-SYS solutions combine to create an integrated system of unmatched clarity and brilliance, weatherized to withstand the challenges of outdoor performance. Drawing from a renowned legacy of unmatched clarity and brilliance and a comprehensive portfolio of performance loudspeakers and subwoofers, Q-SYS solutions combine to create an integrated system that’s ideal for outdoor venues.

Q-SYS Outdoor Amphitheater Features

Deliver the Right System

A broad loudspeaker portfolio enables customized Q-SYS audio solutions in your performance space and beyond.

Confidence & Predictability

Rest easy! Your performance spaces can automatically return to a default state, from lighting presets, camera, HVAC settings and audio levels.

Weatherized Solutions

The PL Series family features weatherized enclosures with a UV and corrosion treated grille, hydrophobic stainless-steel mesh behind the grille and an overall Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IP54.

Live Event Streaming

If you want to reach a bigger audience for your events, connect a PC via USB to Q-SYS and stream video and system audio feeds to any major web broadcasting platform.

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