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Regardless of size, the fundamental needs of the classroom are the same – instructors should be able to walk into the room and command the student learning experience without worrying about the technology. The Q-SYS Ecosystem provides intuitive plug-and-play integration and operation for classroom/remote learning, including local sound reinforcement, video collaboration, web conferencing, outputs for lecture capture and simplified room control.

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Q-SYS Classroom Features

Web Conference Integration

Connect your class to your platform of choice! Q-SYS integrates any modern soft conferencing application, including Zoom and Microsoft Teams, via single, driverless USB. This allows you to share the rooms audio and conference camera feeds with remotely connected students. Learn More

Simple Room Control

"Intuitive room and environmental controls keep instructors and volunteers focused on the lesson, thanks to Q-SYS full-featured control engine. Because Q-SYS is software-based, there is never a need to add cumbersome (and costly) control processing hardware required by traditional AV systems. Learn More

Video Streaming & Collaboration

Just plug and go! Instructors get their content onto classroom displays with ease. Transport HDMI video and audio from PCs and document cameras to LED displays and projectors all around the room, without additional HDMI extenders, control processors or complicated programming. Learn More

In-Classroom Voice Reinforcement

Lectures and presentations will be crystal clear, thanks to Q-SYS room optimization tools, EQ and processing, along with a broad portfolio of Q-SYS installed loudspeakers and custom loudspeaker presets.

Classroom Confidence & Predictability

Rest easy, instructors! Your learning spaces can automatically return
to a default state to the start of every class, from lighting presets, camera,
HVAC settings and audio levels.

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Q-SYS Designer Example File

Ready to Deploy Q-SYS? This example file is a great starting point, providing helpful annotations and guides to assist you with the design.


Higher Education Brochure

Learn how the Q-SYS Ecosystem can enable applications across campus. Includes diagram examples with equipment list.


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