QSC Premieres New Products Which Enhance the Power of Q-Sys™

Compact Touch Screen Controller and CobraNet Audio I/O Card Debut at Infocomm 2011

Orlando, FL (June 15, 2011, Booth 1022) -- At this year’s Infocomm, QSC introduces two new products which enhance the powerful capabilities of their successful Q-Sys integrated system platform. Both the new TSC-3 Controller and CCN32 CobraNet Audio I/O Card expand the offerings of the Q-Sys system, which has become the preferred choice for audio system control of large-scale venues including the hospitality, transportation, entertainment, worship and sports venue sectors.

The Q-Sys TSC-3 is an elegant touch screen controller which enables simple and cost-effective control for Q-Sys systems and other devices under Q-Sys control. The TSC-3 utilizes Q-Sys Designer software to create custom control panels (called User Control Interfaces or UCIs), with buttons, faders, custom navigation and other software tools including bitmaps and other graphical images, and then deploys those control panels to this interface. These UCIs can then be utilized to control any aspect of a Q-Sys system and other elements that are put under Q-Sys control including CD and DVD players, projectors, video switchers and other devices.

Designed to be wall-mounted and fit into a standard US 2-gang wall box, the TSC-3 employs Power over Ethernet (PoE) making it easy to install, and utilizes a Capacitive Touch surface so it is very intuitive for the end user to be able to control any part of a Q-Sys system.

QSC is also premiering the Q-Sys CCN32 CobraNet Audio I/O Card, which enables system bridging between Q-Sys and a CobraNet legacy platform. The CCN32 fits in either a Q-Sys Core or I/O Frame and provides up to 32 x 32 channels of CobraNet audio in/out of a Q-Sys system.

Designed specifically for those customers who have a very large networked legacy system, the CCN32 provides a very cost-effective means for a phased approach to bridge between an existing CobraNet platform and the conversion to the Q-Sys platform.

Both the products are expected to ship this July. The suggested retail price of the TSC-3 is $699 and the suggested retail price of the CCN32 is $2,999.

Q-Sys, the complete integrated system platform that encompasses everything from the audio input to loudspeakers, provides all the audio routing, processing, control and monitoring necessary for any facility while maintaining the audio quality and reliability QSC has come to be known for. Designed specifically for the rigorous requirements of large-scale applications, the power of Q-Sys has been demonstrated worldwide in a variety of applications, including stadiums and arenas, attractions and theme parks, performing arts venues, transportation hubs, legislative and judicial chambers, hotels and casinos, houses of worship, corporate campuses, and educational facilities.