New Integrated Cores Provide QSC Q-Sys™ Technology for Smaller Applications

Core 500i, Core 250i Represent the Most Powerful and Accessible Audio Networking Solution Ever Developed

Costa Mesa, CA (May 2012)– QSC Audio Products, LLC is pleased to announce the next generation of Q-Sys products, designed specifically to deliver powerful digital networked audio solutions for the widest range of applications.

The Core 500i and Core 250i provide advanced centralized processing, routing and control for contractors and consultants needing a solution for smaller venues such as restaurants, nightclubs, stores, schools and churches.

These two new Core models are fully integrated solutions, each with eight card slots on-board. The Core500i is capable of up to 128 network channels while the Core 250i provides up to 64 channels. I/O is selectable via the various Q-Sys I/O cards. Options also include the MTP-64, and MTP-128 multitrack players.

Like all Q-Sys Cores, these systems run under a customized Linux operating system on Intel® microprocessors and motherboards. IT connectivity is easily implemented utilizing Layer 3 Gigabit networking protocols and standard Gigabit Ethernet hardware. The systems are capable of providing simple and failsafe redundancy for mission-critical applications. All system design, configuration, administration and control operate under a simple and straightforward GUI. Additionally, custom user control panels are easily created and can be displayed on any Internet-connected PC, iOS ™ device or QSC's own Touch Screen Controllers (TSC-3, TSC-8). Any incoming signals may be mixed and routed to any output and nearly unlimited DSP is provided, including Acoustic Echo Cancellation.

It is important to note that Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) is now available as a standard component of their acclaimed Q-Sysô  integrated system platform