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Keep hybrid and remote collaboration as engaging as possible by ensuring the active speaker is always in view, no matter where they are in the room. Q-SYS VisionSuite Intelligent Audio features, including Q-SYS Automatic Camera Preset Recall (ACPR), uses audio data from in-room microphones to determine when and where a person is speaking, recalling user-defined camera presets and automatically switching between Q-SYS cameras without human operation.

Configure your system with as many cameras as needed for the application, and choose any microphones, including native Q-SYS network or partner ceiling microphones such as the Shure MXA920, the Audio-Technica ATND1061 or Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2.

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Frame the perfect shot without user intervention. NC Series network cameras use video analytics to tightly "frame" people within the camera's actual field of view (FoV), reducing unnecessary frame padding.

  • Dynamic and autonomous framing based on number of people detected in-frame
  • Optional face counting can be used to trigger external control automations or monitoring 
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Primary/Secondary Camera Support

Configure a secondary camera within your room to mask unwanted camera movement from being seen by the far-end participants. The secondary camera acts as a backup to the primary camera, moving to the new position before Q-SYS switches to it, hiding any camera movement from being seen on the far end.

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