HF Components

DCS high-frequency components are an ideal match for the LF enclosures in our bi-amped and passive 2-way screen channel systems. The HF components include durable titanium diaphragm compression drivers and intelligent features that allow easy setup and long service life. Power limiting circuitry protects the drivers from damaging peaks. Built for quality, DCS HF components make our 2-way systems an unbeatable value.

  HF-75Cx1 HF-75Cx2 HF-75C
System Type

2-way passive

2-way passive

2-way active

Loudspeaker Models SC-312XC SC-322XC


Driver Information

1.5" (38 mm) exit, 3" (75 mm) titanium
diaphragm compression driver 


Rated Noise
150 W RMS

300 W RMS

75 W RMS3
Sensitivity2 95 dB

97.5 dB

108 dB4


Barrier strip screw terminals accept
up to #10 AWG stranded wire

Dimensions (HWD) inches 15.96 x 30 x 20.25
Dimensions (HWD) mm 405.4 x 762 x 514.4
Weight 36 lb / 16.3 kg

1 8 hours of 6 dB crest factor IEC 268 noise spectrum / 2 hours of 6 dB crest factor pink noise, AES method.
2 Based on nominal impedance, measured in half space 1 W @ 1 m.
3 Continuous IEC specified test signal, 2 hours unless otherwise stated.
4 Based on nominal impedance, measured in full space. 1 W @ 1 m.