Your patrons deserve high quality sound everywhere throughout your cinema complex, not just in your QSC-equipped theatre. Your customers deserve an all-QSC experience.

Create a superior start-to-finish customer experience from the moment they walk in the door until they exit the theatre. QSC offers sound and communications systems for your lobby, arcade and gaming areas, restaurants, event space, and more. Do you have live music in the lobby for waiting patrons? QSC’s best-in-class K Series loudspeakers are the musician’s choice around the world. Do you rent out private rooms for conferencing? QSC provides a complete ecosystem for the connected meeting room, including Microsoft Teams certified solutions.


Sounds plays an important role in defining your customers' first impression when they enter your cinema complex. QSC Premium Business Music Solutions ensure a high quality experience that creates customer preference and return business for your cinema.


Bowling lanes require an audio system that can deliver dynamic sound with high fidelity and impact. QSC Premium Business Music Solutions offer all of this and more, in a variety of styles that complement any décor.


Whether your lounge area features background music or live performance, QSC offers complete solutions that put customers at ease and makes them want to stay.


QSC Premium Business Music Solutions help create to perfect ambience for your foodservice areas and restaurants.


Your audio system in gaming and arcades need to keep up with – and complement - the audiovisual excitement of electronic games. QSC offers a full catalog of audio, video, and control systems that blend seamlessly with the décor of these spaces.

Event Space

Expand the rental possibilities of your private party rooms or event spaces with QSC Connected Room Solutions. More and more, businesses are turning to Cinema Entertainment Centers to host live or virtual meetings by day and casual social experiences when business concludes.​