I/O-8 Flex

Q-SYS Channel Expander (Discontinued)

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  • Front Image of the I/O-8 Flex
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The Q-SYS™ I/O-8 Flex Channel Expander adds a multitude of expansion capabilities to the Q-SYS Platform in a compact, PoE+ capable networked peripheral that can be remotely located wherever the I/O is required. The I/O-8 Flex Channel Expander features eight channels of “flex channels” (a QSC exclusive technology), which allows each channel to be configured via software as either a Mic/Line input with phantom power, or a Line Level output. Additionally, the I/O-8 Flex Channel Expander offers Audio-to-USB Bridging for integration with soft codec applications running on any host PC as well as control connectivity via GPIO and RS232.

This product has been discontinued. Consider the new Q-SYS QIO Series network I/O expanders


  • Flex Channels: 8 software definable flex channels (mic/line input w/ phantom power, or line level output). Single channel granularity allows the user to configure any combination of inputs / outputs from 8 x 0 through to 0 x 8.
  • Microphone Fault Detection: When used as mic/line inputs.
  • Audio-to-USB Bridging: For situations where laptop PC’s are being used for soft codec conferencing using applications such as Skype for Business™ , GoToMeeting™, etc., the onboard USB Device port can be used to provide USB-to-Audio Bridging direct to the PC via driverless USB connectivity.
  • External Device Control: Control and interface with external devices using TCP/IP, RS232 and GPIO.
  • PoE+ Capability: For single cable installation. External 24VDC PSU can be used for redundancy (not sold by QSC).
  • Redundancy:  Offers dual network ports for redundancy with the ability to send and receive on both ports simultaneously for glitch-free switchover the event of a network failure.
  • Mounting Accessories included: Class leading mounting accessories offer multiple rackmount and under-table mounting options.
  • Q-SYS Platform integration: Receive cryptographically-signed firmware updates, ensuring secure updates in functionality and security to your entire system.
Specifications Q-SYS I/O-8 Flex Channel Expander
Audio Flex Channel Capacity 8
Audio Flex Channel Assignments Each channel can be configured as a mic/line input or as a line output (configured through Q-SYS Designer software)
Rear Panel Indicators “Link”, “Speed” and “Activity” LEDs on all LAN ports
USB Inputs & Outputs
USB Audio Bridging Up to 8×8 channels of digital audio in/out via software definable USB instances advertised to the USB Host operating system
USB B (device port):

Bit depth: 16-bit, 24-bit (configured in Q-SYS Designer software)
USB Channel Capacity: 8×8
Sample Rate: 48kHz

Front Panel Controls

“NEXT” OLED page forward capacitive touch button
“ID” device identification capacitive touch button
“Clear Network Settings” - invoked when “NEXT” and “ID” are pressed simultaneously

Front Panel Connectors AUX USB: USB Host × 2 (Type A connectors)
Rear Panel Connectors

Audio Flex I/O: 12-pos blue Euro Block × 2
GPIO: 10-pos black Euro Block × 2 (GPI = 1x10, GPO = 1x10)
RS232: 3-pos black Euro Block
AUX USB Host: USB Host × 2 (Type A connectors)
AUX USB Device: USB Device Port (Type B connector)
Media Network LAN A/PoE+ Power In : RJ45 1000 Mbps
Media Network LAN B: RJ45 1000 Mbps
AUX PWR In: 2-pos green Euro block

General Purpose Inputs 0-24VDC analog input or contact closure
General Purpose Outputs Open collector, 24VDC at 200mA max, internal pullup to 3.3V
GPIO 12 VDC Power Pins 12VDC out at 100mA max
PoE+ Power Input IEEE 802.3at compliant powered device, PoE+ power supplied through LAN A port
External Power Input 24VDC, 1.2A supplied via the external power input, may be used as the primary power source or as a backup to the PoE+ source

FCC 47 CFR Part 15 Class A, IC ICES-003, CE (EN55032, EN55035), EU RoHS directive 2011/65/EU, WEEE directive 2012/19/EU, China RoHS directive GB/T26572, EAC, RTL

Product Dimensions 220 × 240 × 44 mm
8.66 × 9.43 × 1.75 in
1RU half rack
Included Accessories Connector kit, rack ears, surface mount kit, installation manual, USB cable (Type A to Type B)

All specifications are subject to change without notice.