WCP-1 / WCP-2


The WCP-1 and WCP-2 are wall control plate accessories for the Q-SYS network audio platform and its components. They allow an installer to create simple, non-computer user interfaces for these products in sound systems.

WCP-1 Rotary Potentiometer Control

  • The control element of the WCP-1 is a 10 kΩ linear taper potentiometer with 11 marked detents
  • Connects to any GPIO ports located on Q-SYS cores and peripherals
  • Can be used for non-Q-SYS analog applications, such as variable passive signal attenuation or a variable voltage divider
  • Two circuit board locations where resistors can be mounted to adjust the values of the resistances

WCP-2 Rotary BCD Switch Control

  • Uses a six-position binary-coded decimal rotary switch
  • Connects to GPIO ports located on Q-SYS cores and peripherals
  • Ideal for such functions as selecting signal sources, selecting presets, and routing signals