This product has moved to a new home!

The USL Series of Accessibility products are no longer available to order from QSC.

Please contact Moving Image Technologies (MiT) for more information about these products, (714) 751-7998, [email protected].


  • Closed Captioning Glasses receive captions via Infrared energy
  • Text is projected into the user's view and the user can adjust the position of the text
  • The engineered optics make the captions appear as a distant "virtual image" which minimizes eye strain due to refocusing between text and the movie image
  • Integrated System - Single IR emitter carries both HI and VI-N audio and closed caption text
  • Patrons may select one of up to four caption languages delivered with the movie
  • No Interference - Use of infrared transmission eliminates interference from adjacent auditoriums or radio transmitters
  • Shipped with two rechargeable NiMH AA batteries and USB charging cable