Audio (I/O Peripherals)

Q-SYS I/O peripherals help connect the power of the Q-SYS Core processor to the outside world of audio. I/O cards provide connectivity to analog and digital sources and destinations, while the I/O-Frame and I/O-22 allow local or remote inputs or outputs anywhere that a standard Gigabit Ethernet network is available with connectivity back to the Core.

I/O-8 Flex Channel Expander

The Q-SYS™ I/O-8 Flex Channel Expander adds a multitude of expansion capabilities to the Q-SYS Ecosystem in a compact, capable networked peripheral that can be remotely located wherever the I/O is required

  • 8 flex channels (software configurable as either a mic/line input with phantom power, or a Line Level output)
  • Audio-to-USB Bridging for integration with soft-codec applications for host PC
  • Control connectivity via GPIO and RS232
  • Versatile mounting accessories included
  • PoE+ or external power supply (not included)

Core 510i (in I/O Frame mode)

When deployed in “I/O Frame mode”, the Q-SYS Core 510i processor offers the ability to integrate up to 128 x 128 audio channels in to the Q-SYS system for processing on a separate Q-SYS Core. It can accommodate any combination of Q-SYS Type-II I/O cards. This is particularly useful when integrating large numbers of networked audio channels from Dante™, CobraNet™ or AVB™ devices and subsystems in to the Q-SYS Ecosystem.

  • Card Capacity: 8
  • Maximum Channel count: 128x128
  • Control connectivity via GPIO and RS232

I/O Frame

The Q-SYS I/O Frame can be used to physically locate input and output connections near their sources and destinations. Each I/O Frame features four card slots, which can support up to four I/O cards, mixed and matched in any configuration.  

  • Card Capacity: 4
  • Maximum Channel count: Up to 16 analog/AES/CobraNet™/Dante™/AVB™
  • Control connectivity via GPIO and RS232


The Q-SYS I/O-22, is a compact, standalone unit designed for use when audio sources and destinations are physically spread out, such as the individual seats in a conferencing system or individual rooms in a multi-room venue. Providing two mic/line inputs and two line outputs, the I/O-22 is ideal for applications such as legislative or judicial chambers, meeting rooms, ballrooms, ancillary zones, classrooms, VIP suites, and stage patching.

  • Maximum Channel count: 2x2
  • Includes an 8.5 watt mono amplifier to drive a local monitor speaker
  • Control connectivity via GPIO and RS232

I/O Cards

I/O cards provide connectivity to analog and digital sources and destinations include high quality mic/line input cards, line output, as well as bridge network cards for Dante™, AVB™, CobraNet™ and more.


Network Peripheral Devices

  Local I/O Type Card Capacity Channel Capacity GPIO RS232
I/O-8 Flex Built-In N/A 8 analog flex in/out

2 x 10-pos Euro Block

Core 510 (I/O Frame Mode) Card based 8 Up to 32 analog, up to 128x128 AES/CobraNet/Dante/AVB 2 x 15-pos Euro Block yes
I/O Frame Card based 4 16 2 x 15-pos Euro Block yes
I/O-22 Built-In N/A 2 in, 2 out 2 x 6-pos Euro Block yes

I/O Cards

  Description Channel Capacity
CIML4 Mic/line analog input card 4 input
CIML4-HP High performance mic/line analog input card 4 input
COL4 Analog line output card 4 output
CODP4 Dataport output card 4 output
CDN64 Dante™ Audio Bridge Card: 64x64
CAES4 AES-3 digital input/output card 4x4
CIAES-16 AES/EBU digital input card: 16 input


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